Triceratops in magic town

Costa Oaxaqueña

Visiting 3 beautiful places of the Oaxacan coast

To know fantastic towns, admire nature, rest for a while on the beach and taste delicious food the best thing is to do it in our vehicle 4x4, the triceratops

Duration: 13 hours approximately

Cancellation: Free before 24 hrs of the Tour

Level: Family / relaxed

Not suitable for children by the size of the seat.

Covid Protocol

We invite you to know 3 beautiful points on the Pacific Ocean coast in Oaxaca. Visiting wonderful villages, its beaches and tasting delicious dishes, all in a very relaxed atmosphere. The tour starts at 8:00 am in the morning and moves towards the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca, admiring during the road the green of the trees in summer, as well as the landscape change in winter, feeling the warmth of the air in our Faces.

On board our triceratops, vehicle designed and manufactured especially for Go Adventour 4x4 with the highest standards of performance and quality. It is taller than a traditional vehicle (7+ inches). It has a capacity for 8 people, including the experienced driver. It has 4-point seat belts, exterior lighting, panoramic views for a better appreciation by not having doors, nor windows, no roof and thus enjoy the experience, nature and the beautiful sunset of the route. You can listen to the music of your preference (come prepared with your music).

The route lasts 13 hours approximately a trip of several kilometers where 3 famous beaches of the area are visited as San Agustinillo, Zipolite and Mazunte. As well as La Mermejita beach where you can admire the sunset next to the relaxing waves of the sea. In addition to enjoying a tasty regional meal during breakfast and food. Returning to Huatulco at approximately 9.00 p.m.

During the tour there are road scroll next to the mountains, on different beaches and with different breaks or stops for breakfast, eating or simply hydrating and taking some photos.

1) 8:00 AM. Pick up

2) Road displacement next to the mountain, towards San Agustinillo. Place that has three small bays that as a whole have a length of 1 km

3) Delicious breakfast in San Agustinillo in a restaurant on the sea, where you can choose your saucer, as well as take all the drink you prefer (does not include alcoholic beverages). You can enjoy the beaches and visit the picturesque town. (4 hrs duration).

4) We continue our journey to Zipolite. Zipolite is a quiet beach on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Its beach stretches between rocky ends and is known for the strong surf and by the visit of great surfers that provide a great show in the season. Zipolite is a nudist beach.

5) In Zipolite you can enjoy the tour of main streets of this fantastic town. Stop in Zipolite lyrics for photos of the memory of your adventure. A gourmet buffet meal that you will enjoy the maximum and you can enjoy the beach and its sedative sea. Exit approx. 5:00 pm. (Duration 2 hours)

6) We arrive at the Mermejita beach where you can savor the sunset and its different colors, as well as seeing the sun get lost on the horizon at the end of the sea, all about a black and white sand.

7) We continue with the trip to Mazunte. Mazunte is a small ancient town, declared a magical town, is considered so because it retains its rural village architecture, as well as being sustainable because its constructions are existing structures and make use of what is in the environment. Mazunte is a hippie destination.

8) Touring main streets of mazunte on board triceratops. We will stop at the palapa comet for a hydration shot, without getting off the vehicle.

9) We said goodbye to Mazunte to return to Huatulco with the show of the stars and the nature we see on the road.

This tour is ideal for families, couples or anyone who wants to have a relaxed day and at the same time full of adventures.

Total distance:

139 kilometers

Maximum height:

200 meters above sea level

Minimun height:

3 meters above sea level

Estimated time:

13 hours - 8:00 a.m. at 9:00 p.m. p.m.

What includes


* Security in the vehicle

* Tour in Triceratops

* Blankets for the beach.

* Garmin GPS Cyclocomputer

* A multifunction sports bandana gift

* Guide / Expert Driver

* Backpack that includes first aid, light food and hydration.

* Breakfast: In San Agustinillo, within a restaurant on the seafront and breakfast is: 1) Strong saucer of the chart, 2) Natural water, Water taste, Software (free during stay)

* Food in Zipolite: Within a sand restaurant and wood, the food is a gourmet buffet, a special menu for Guests of Go Adventour 4x4. Natural water, flavor water or refreshment (free during stay)

* Mazunte: In Palapa Comet A Hydration Shot

* Tour full of spectacular landscapes

Not appropriate for

* Small children, less than 1.20 m high, by seat size

Important information

* For people with good physical condition

* Wear comfortable clothes for the vehicle

* Wear clothes for the beach, so like to enter the sea fresco

*Comfortable shoes

* Maximum group of 8 people (including the driver)

* Use protector / solar blocker

* Carry a hat or hat to protect yourself from the sun. Although beware of the wind.

* Take repellent for mosquitoes

* Take backpack for your personal belongings

* Does not include tip

* Does not include alcoholic beverages, no additional dishes

* Please indicate if you suffer from allergies or if you have any medical condition

* According to the season of the year in which the tour is realized, it will be the type of vegetation, the activity in the sea, in the sky and the fauna. This depends on the climate on that day / month.


You can rent a GoPro 10 4K camera with 30 minutes of continuous recording.

* Tour duration:

13 hours since they pick them up until they return them to their place of stay.


We also have bicycle tours or personalized tour, where you design your adventure. Look for more information on the page.

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