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Aventura en E-Bike de montaña . Huatulco

Live the sunrise in a different way while traveling beach, mountain, viewpoints and historical points of Santa Cruz Huatulco (La Crucecita)

Duration: 4:30 hours approximately

Cancellation: Free before 24 hrs of the Tour

Level: Medium and experienced

Over 16 years old (if less contacting company)

Covid Protocol

We invite you to know the tour of the cruise with our high-tech mountain e-bikes, which starts 6.30 a.m. And you can delight from the colors of dawn. It is a 38-kilometer trip from Off Road and On Road. You will admire the route next to the beach of the beach, the wonderful trails of the mountain, viewpoints and historical points of the cruise (Santa Cruz Huatulco).

You can see the same place from different points of the city. With a duration of approximately 4 and a half hours with different rest stops and some activities. On board an E-Bike MTB, Assisted Bicycle Full Suspension with state-of-the-art technology, which increases up to 100% pedaling so you can enjoy the flora and fauna without great effort and more fun.

During the tour there are displacement through urban areas, parks, trails, marina, channel, bridges, beaches and with different activities and stops to hydrate, take pictures, rest and know the place.

These places are:

1) 6.30 Start of travel by a channel, to know your own skill and domain of the bicycle. Rolling by some obstacles and one that another daring slope.

2) Descent at Baroque descent: When entering a house there is a downhill, where you can overcome the challenge of lowering with skill.

3) Bay of Cacaluta (Rest 10 min): It is a Virgin Bay that is formed by 2 beaches, the beach of Cacaluta and the Broyo Beach, which form a heart. It is the scene of films. Most of the year with a leafy green that allows you to admire the flora and fauna more closely.

4) Zanate Bridge (15 min): A slight hike by bridges that exceed what a few years ago was a lake. You can listen to the birds in a natural aviary. We suggest you remain silent to enjoy the song of the birds.

5) Violin Beach Viewpoint (3 min): Small beach surrounded by reefs. With a leafy green almost all year or rocks protruding in dry winter.

6) Mirador Faro (3 min): The lighthouse is located near one of the 4 bufaders who are in the world, is an emblematic place and its image evokes a slight feeling of very pleasant nostalgia.

7) Beach delivery (10 min): visiting this symbolic beach, scenario of the delivery of Prisoner Vicente Guerrero in 1831. Includes one of the largest reefs in the world.

8) Naval Marine Mirador (3 min): You can admire the Santa Cruz Bay.

9) Bahía Santa Cruz (3 min): It is a historical point where you will see the Santa Cruz chapel in front of the sea and you will know its history.

10) Mirador Punta Santa Cruz (5 min): From here it is possible to appreciate places such as Bahía Santa Cruz, Playa Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Church, Santa Cruz Pier and Naval Marina (all at the cruise).

11) Mirador Chahué (3 min): Enjoy this view on the first beach of the Oaxacan coast on receiving the Blue Flag and Clean Beach IMNC certification.

12) Marina Chahué: You will see Yachts and boats anchored in this place and with luck a great cruise.

13) Breakfast (40 min): You will enjoy a delicious breakfast overlooking the sea.

14) Return to the facilities of Go Adventour 4x4 to deliver bicycles

This tour is ideal for experienced cyclists and average level, they have protections and great safety in handling.

Total distance:

38 kilometers


10.7 kilometers

Estimated time:

4 and a half hours

On Road:

27.3 kilometers

Height minimum:

3 meters above sea level

Height maximum:

473 meters above sea level

What includes

* Assisted bicycle (E-MTB Full Suspension, Rolled 29 ")

* Helmet, knee pads, elbow, glasses, gloves, kangulers (optional)

* Garmin GPS Cyclocomputer

* NITE RIDER 650 Lights Kit

* A sports bandana multipurpose gift

* Water bottle

* Expert guide

* Backpack that includes first aid, light food and hydration.

* Breakfast overlooking the sea.

* Tour full of spectacular landscapes and challenges to overcome.

Not appropriate for

* Under 16 years old. If it is less to contact the company for the possibility

* Pregnant, for the good of the baby and the mother

* People with back, mobility, cardiac, recent surgery

* Minimum stature of 1.50 m.

* Maximum weight of 120 k.

Important information

* For people with good physical condition

* Know Mountain Bike, Rolled 29 "

* Wear comfortable / long sportswear

* Comfortable tennis shoes

* Maximum group of 12 people

* Meeting point: Facilities Go Adventour4x4 Mixe Street

* Use protector / solar blocker

* Take repellent for mosquitoes

* Take backpack for your personal belongings and water

* Does not include tip, no alcoholic beverages, no additional dishes

* Please indicate if you suffer from allergies or if you have any medical condition.

* According to the season of the year in which the tour is realized, it will be the type of vegetation, the activity in the sea, in the sky and the fauna. This depends on the climate on that day / month.

You can rent a GOPRO 4K camera for 30 minutes of continuous recording, additional light NR650, Light NR 4200.

* Tour duration:

5.30 hours from the welcome until the farewell - 6 a.m. at 11:30 a.m.

4.30 hours of travel, until delivering bicycles

3.30 hours approximately pedaling assisted


We also have a night tour or a personalized tour, where you design your adventure. Look for more information on the page.

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