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Come and enjoy an environment of forest landscapes, cold weather, and great adventures. In the rustic town of San José del Pacífico, Oaxaca, you will delight in the forest, the mist, the river, and the natural trails that only experienced MTB enthusiasts can conquer and fully enjoy. Rest in a fantastic cabin while savoring delicious food and desserts.

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights.
Specific Dates: Every 2 months. Inquire about the next one
Cancellation: Free before 24 hrs of the tour
Level: Experts in MTB
Capacity: limited to 13 adventurers.
Age: for E-Bikes above 16 years old, but the whole family can enjoy the cabins and the rest of the tour.

We invite you to experience the Cabaña Bike tour in a cold and forested environment of San José del Pacífico and enjoy great adventures on high-tech E-MTB mountain bikes. The tour starts at 11:00 a.m. at the designated restaurant, where you can delight in the landscapes that can be observed from within. You will stay in magnificent cabins with an incredible view of the mountains, surrounded by mist and a cold yet warm atmosphere at the same time.

During the E-Bike ride, you will traverse the streets of the picturesque town of San Mateo Río Hondo, where you can admire different cabin designs, streams, natural trails, and paved roads to reach the town of San José del Pacífico and explore its main streets.

The tour has a duration of 3 days and 2 nights, with various activities during the day. You will have an incredible tasting experience of the best dishes from the Oaxaca region. This includes riding on a cutting-edge, full-suspension E-MTB bike that provides up to 100% pedaling assistance, allowing you to enjoy the flora and fauna with minimal effort and more fun along natural trails and small streams. This ride is recommended for MTB experts.
If you prefer not to participate in the E-MTB ride, you can enjoy other activities at the location. The tour is ideal for the whole family.

Day 1
• We await you in San José del Pacífico at the designated restaurant for breakfast
• 11 am - Welcome Breakfast
• Check-in at the cabins and familiarization with them
• E-Bike ride to the town
• Lunch
• E-Bike excursion
• Return to the cabins through the town of SJP
• Dinner

Day 2
• 7 am - Snack (fruit and coffee/tea)
• 8 am - Two-wheeled adventure in the forest, 22.3 km through marvelous trails
• Lunch
• Free Time
• Lunch
• Free afternoon: options for activities to do
Temazcal with a short 3-hour walk
Visit to the town of San Mateo Río Hondo by E-Bike for 3 hours
Visit to the town of San Mateo Río Hondo by Moto-Taxi for 3 hours
Hiking around the cabins for 2.30 hours
• Dessert tasting.

Day 3
• Farewell breakfast
• 12 pm - Check-out
• 12:30 pm - Transfer to the center and farewell

This tour is ideal for MTB experts who want to explore the natural routes offered by the Sierra of San José del Pacífico. Alternatively, if you want to rest and enjoy the cold of the mountains and the wonderful cabins, as well as the delicious cuisine.

What includes

* Shared cabin with other people
* Queen-size bed for a single person
* Assisted Bike (E-MTB full suspension, 29" wheels)
* Helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, goggles, gloves
* Garmin GPS cycle computer
* Nite Rider 650 light kit
* Free multi-purpose sports bandana
* Expert guide
* Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the best local restaurants.
* Optional tours, such as hiking, visiting the picturesque village, temazcal, and more.
* Scenic woodland route with challenges to overcome.

Not suitable for the MTB E-Bike ride.

* Minors under 16 years old. If the participant is a minor, please contact the company for further information.
* Pregnant women, for the well-being of the baby and the mother.
* Individuals with back problems, limited mobility, heart conditions, or recent surgery.
* Individuals with limited experience in MTB (Mountain Biking).
* Minimum height requirement of 1.50 m.
* Maximum weight limit of 120 kg.

Important information

* For individuals with good physical condition due to the activities involved.
* Know how to ride a 29" mountain bike for the ride.
* If you prefer not to participate in the ride, you can opt for a mototaxi or enjoy other equally exciting activities.
* Wear comfortable/sporty long dry-fit clothing.
* Comfortable sports shoes/sneakers.
* Warm clothing for cold weather.
* Rainproof gear for rainy seasons.
* Jacket or coat.
* Swimwear for entering the temazcal (sweat lodge).
* Maximum group size of 13 adventurers.
* Use sunscreen/sunblock.
* Bring mosquito repellent.
* The tour does not include tips, alcoholic beverages, or additional dishes.
* Please indicate if you have any allergies or medical conditions.
* The vegetation, sky activity, and fauna may vary depending on the season. This is subject to the weather on the specific day/month.

* Tour Duration:
3 days and 2 nights (weekend)
Look for the next available date.


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