Terms and Conditions

This document contains the terms and conditions, under which, the SERVICE PROVIDER will carry out tourist travel services, in favor of THE CLIENT (The natural or moral person), with which the service provision contract is subscribed, under the following guidelines:

1.- Definitions, which may be indicated in unique or plural:

to).- The service provider, is the mercantile society called "Go Adventure 4 x 4, S.A. Of C.V.", Which, will lend through its workers, the services consisting of carrying out a tourist tour, hired and indicated in the service provision contract signed by THE CLIENT on the date on which Terms and Conditions will be carried out, based on these Terms and Conditions;

b )- THE CLIENT, is the natural or moral person who receives travel services through workers The service provider, which allocates for these effects;

c) THE PARTS, will be jointly The service provider and THE CLIENT.

d) .- Contract for the provision of services, is the contract signed between the service provider and the client, on the same date on which the services consisting of carrying out a tour or tour are received, in the terms and conditions that are notes in this document;

and).- TERMS AND CONDITIONS, it refers to this document and that it has as the main purpose, to clarify the different services that The service provider will be granting in favor of THE CLIENT With its trained and specialized personnel, therefore, this document will not have a binding effect on any way with the service provision contract, however, its observation will be mandatory for the parties.

Derived from the above, the terms and conditions, under which the parties are subject, will be:

2.- The parties agree, in which The service provider can yield or transfer all rights and obligations derived from the service provision contract, without the need for authorization to be carried out THE CLIENT where he manifested his total agreement.

For his part, THE CLIENT You will not be able to give your rights and / or obligations agreed upon in the service provision contract, unless it has written authorization to be carried out The service provider, prior to that such rights can be transferred or transmitted.

3.- The services he offers The customer service provider They consist of carrying out different routes and services, as they are:

a) .- Mountain cycling route path (in hard MTB);

b) .- Tours through vehicles, such as motorcycle in water, racer, aquatic bicycle, boat ride;

c) .- Hiking, rapel, mountaineering, fishing, camping;

d) .- Use of cabins;

e) .- In general any other service that comes to offer The service provider;

Likewise, the service provider will sell clothes and different souvenirs with their brand, which you can acquire THE CLIENT in the price that is offered to the general public, so this authorizes The service provider, so you can take pictures of THE CLIENT During the journey journey contracted for advertising such services.

THE CLIENT must be in good health and not present chronic diseases prior to the provision of these services, as well as the mountain biking route tour service (in Hard MTB) must have intermediate experience, in the understood that in case of subscribing the contract without having adequate experience, it will be under its own responsibility, since it is necessary that THE CLIENT Count on the cited experience and be in perfect health.

The services will be provided through the staff with which you count The service provider For the purposes, who have the necessary experience to carry out the same, so THE CLIENT must respect the indications, safety regulations and guidelines that this requests either at the beginning, during or at the end of the services, in the understanding that in case THE CLIENT Do not follow the same, this disagreement will be under the exclusive responsibility of it.

THE CLIENT you can choose the route that looks like most of those offered by The service provider, for which, once the contract has been signed and the corresponding route chosen, THE CLIENT It can only be modified under the authorization of The service provider And covering the respective payment, in case it had.  

It is also the responsibility of THE CLIENT Hire transportation to the place of beginning of the route and at the end, to consider it, since this service is not included.

4.- THE CLIENT You must pay the current service at the time of hiring for your journey, in the understanding that this amount can only be reimbursable in case it is not possible to carry out the hired journey, either by chance, that is, by Any event caused by nature and that it is impossible to carry out the service, also in the following cases:

  • If canceled before 24 hours of the start of the route that is contracted, 100% of the consideration is returned;
  • If it is canceled between 24 and 12 hours before the start of the route that is contracted, 50% of the consideration is returned;
  • If it is canceled between 12 hours and minutes before the route that is contracted, return of the consideration, by conventional penalty;
  • If it is not presented or late to the journey, no refund of conventional penalty consideration will be carried out. 

If the Tour is canceled by climate problems, which is alien to the company 100% of the consideration is returned.

In case of acquisition of clothing, videos, photographs or some souvenir, THE CLIENT You must request your return on the next 30 calendar days of the corresponding acquisition and only the return will proceed, in case the purchased size has done it by mistake or in case the product is damaged.

5.- For the promotion of contracted services, The service provider, it will put on sale clothes, videos, photographs and souvenirs with their brand, through which, it will be announced, therefore THE CLIENT Authoriza A. The service provider, without restriction of time and form, the use of its image exclusively for advertising purposes of services. They will also make available to THE CLIENT Different goods, so that your experience is more pleasant, by which you may be charged some consideration.

6.- The validity of the services, will be the agreed by the parties to carry out the services contracted, so contracting can not be extended out of the time agreed for that journey, in the understanding that THE CLIENT It will be in the freedom to hire again the tour carried out or any other that is convenient for you.

7.- In case that THE CLIENT decide to hire the services of a different route than offered by EL Service provider, through a third alien to this, The service provider It will not be responsible for them.

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