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What is a difference with a normal bicycle? expand_more

Our bicycles are rolled 29 ", that is, higher. In addition, they are assisted by an engine to help on pedaling up to 100%, this is that with less effort you can advance more.

What is MTB? expand_more

Means Mountain Bike

Is all the route by bicycle? expand_more

Yes, although there are several stops where you can rest a few minutes.

How many people are going on the Tour? expand_more

- bikes: 12 people maximum

- Triceratops: Maximum 8 people, including the driver. Although it can go more than one vehicle.

Apart from bicycle do you have a boat tour or water motorcycle? expand_more

Although we do not have a tour designed with these vehicles, if we can organize a personalized one. Contact us, tell us what you want and we will design it. If we have boat bikes available, as well as quatrocatos and other vehicles.

What's the weather? expand_more

Depending on the time of year, but the annual average is DE28 ° C. Although in winter the average is 18 ° C and in summer of 38 ° C

What is the schedule of attention to customers? expand_more

From 9 am to 6 pm. From Monday to Saturday.

If we are only 2 people we can do the TRICEATOPS TOUR? expand_more

They must be at least 3 people to do the tour, but we suggest you provide us with your data and if one or more people book you can already do the tour.

If I buy the video of my experience, how much is it going to last, how many minutes it is? expand_more

It is approximately 2 minutes.


Can you go babies? expand_more

No, nor by bicycle or triceratops. Since it would take a special chair for babies and we do not have them, plus baby's safety.

Can children go? expand_more

No, nor by bicycle, no triceratops. Since you would need a special chair for babies and we do not have them, plus baby's safety

Is it difficult to mount the mountain bikes? expand_more

Although it is not difficult, if necessary they know how to handle mountain bikes, since they are higher than normal. So that they go more attentive to the landscapes, enjoy their journey more and do not focus only on controlling the bicycle.

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